Why Instagram Training Isn’t for Me

Alena Turley
3 min readSep 15, 2018


If you’re on social media regularly — any platform — you will be familiar with the offer of highly effective training to build followers and increase engagement. There are some amazing trainers out there who have had great success on their platform of choice and are making a lot of money showing others how to do the same.

I have watched and listened to quite a few of the training webinars out there and they certainly have given me a fantastic understanding of how the platform works and how each of those trainers has used it to create their success. More power to them, might I add

Here’s the kicker though: I don’t want to be a trainer. I am not aiming to become an expert or a social media giant of any kind. I am genuinely keen to connect with global communities of individuals, preferably those woke beings who are making it a goal to be authentically themselves. I am interested in coming from a place of real heart, but in a visible way so that others can connect and relate and gain value from my insights into conscious parenting; living with an eye to being a custodian of this beautiful planet; eating well, and travelling with children.

So when I consider looking at what my audience would like to see, or how old they are, where they are located, or what handbag they carry, it leaves me cold. I know that conventional branding methodology is telling us that these things are important. And they are — but aren’t they also just another way of generalising and categorising?

So here’s my idea. I’m say fuck it, I’m displaying the most real version of myself in any given moment and trust that my intuition and connection to the zeitgeist will not lead me astray — nor will it deter those that genuinely are in that space with me. It may be slightly uncomfortable at times, but hey this is me, take it or leave it really.

There is something that feels particularly logical and a little dry around using analytics to dictate my day to day content. Perhaps if it is a product sale you’re after it is a different story, but if you, yourself are your brand (like me) then maybe there is another way.

Maybe we could focus on the softer, gentler more organic approach of using our intuition and tuning in to ourselves and our people as a guide rather than the logical-analytical approach. This certainly is not for everyone and is not nearly so measurable if you are a business, but if it’s just you in that business then possibly this is a great personal practice.

Alena Turley is a writer, educator, ethical social creative and personal branding coach. She is a mother of three based in Sydney, Australia, passionate about connecting people to their own authentic selves and to each other.
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